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When you read this section most exercise professionals will tell you about their love of exercise and how they have done this for years... To be honest I am no different, except that do many of them say that if they are not training, they are thinking about their next training session, preparing for it... waiting for that next rush? Yes I am slightly exercise mad but with my love of exercise comes a very healthy appreciation of the human body and it's changes over time. My exercise life spans just over three decades and through this time I have changed and adapted my physical and emotional training expectations. I am hugely motivated and in turn like to motivate others towards their own exercise goals. I truly enjoy watching others adapt and grow to meet their true exercise potential. 

As well as enjoying what I do, I am also qualified! I hold a level 3 certificate in Personal Training, Level 3 Award in designing Pre and Post natal Exercise programmes, Level 2 in Gym Instruction, Level 2 Kettlebell instructor and Level 2 Total group instructor training all gained through premier training international. To go along side my exercise qualifications I also hold a St John's Ambulance certificate in Emergency first aid at work. I am always looking to broaden and enhance my knowledge, my next learning focus is to complete a gait analysis course to sit along side my 30 years of running experience.

During my time as a Personal Trainer I have had the pleasure of working with a huge array of individuals with differing levels of fitness, goals and exercise boundaries. I have worked and continue to help and support clients through rehabilitation following injuries to rebalance movement, strengthening work to address muscle weakness and its associated pain as well as pre op focused work to aid in post op recovery.  I have experience building exercise programmes for clients with muscular inflammatory conditions, arthritis and herniated discs. What makes being a personal trainer so enjoyable for me is that no two people have the same exercise experience, goals or drive, this keeps me on my toes and motivates me to do my best for every one of my clients.

So in a nutshell if you are looking for a exercise kick-start, a boost of motivation to stick with your exercise plans or a rush to get you to that next level I'm here to help.