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I contacted Annette after noticing her advert in my local gym, I am getting married at the end of August and wanted to get fit as well as tone up and lose some weight.   My experience of the gym and working out was very limited,  I found working out on my own was a chore and I did not feel I was getting much benefit from it.  

I can honestly say that since I have started training with Annette I actually enjoy and look forward to our sessions.  Annette has taken the time to put together a training schedule for me taking into consideration the areas I would like to work on, she has also provided some guidance on how I can improve my diet.  In the 10 sessions I have had with Annette I have already seen a huge improvement in my strength and fitness, I have also started to notice changes to my figure and my problem areas.  Annette really pushes me to work harder than I usually would have done on my own, she also knows how to make the sessions interesting and enjoyable using equipment and machines that I never would have used before.  

Annette is really easy to get on with and is also flexible with her time, I can tell that she really has a passion for what she does which  in turn motivates me to do well.  I can highly recommend Annette for anyone that is looking to improve their fitness or lose some weight.