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Join one of our courses and get really motivated

Why not get in touch and find out more


Welcome to A Fitness High!   If you've found your way here and live in Reigate / Redhill or its surrounding areas we are hoping you are interested in starting an exercise plan or looking for exercise inspiration for an existing programme, if these apply to you, you are in the right place!

It is our goal at AFH to introduce fun manageable workout plans to the reluctant exerciser, add a boost of motivation to help stick with an existing exercise plan and incorporate a rush to get to that next level of fitness. Men and women whatever your fitness level, whatever your preference of environment in which to train, aerobic, anaerobic, muscle building or toning and conditioning there is something for you.

We offer, personal training and group sessions both in indoor and out ....you decide. Work closely with a highly skilled and motivated personal trainer to get you to your exercise goals in a safe, fun and effective way. Have a look at the different options available to you. If you find a class you like why not have a go? First session is free. If you decide that Personal Training is what you need then we offer a free consultation to discuss how we can help you meet your exercise goals plus a short sample session.

If you have any questions or would like to book a free first session just give us a call or message us.


Why train with me?


During my time as a Personal Trainer I have had the pleasure to work with a huge array of individuals with differing levels of fitness, goals and exercise boundaries.


Group Workout Programmes

I know that many individuals start out with all the right intentions when beginning a workout plan but soon many become bored and demotivated. AFH offer a variety of different exercise options which target aerobic, anaerobic, strength and conditioning work.


Personal Training

Personal training ensures you get exactly the programme you need when you need it. An initial consultation and continuous observation and dialogue between client and trainer ensures that your level of fitness, lifestyle, diet and injuries (if applicable) will be assessed to ensure you meet your own personal exercise goals


We can offer you...

  • Cardio Vascular Fitness
  • Motivation
  • Support
  • Structure
  • Team work
  • Results
  • Fat reduction
  • Toning
  • Strengthening
  • Core stabilisation
  • Pre and Post natal exercise
  • Nutritional Advisor
  • Postural correction

That fitness high


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